Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Immortalis Battle Tips - Assists

Been meaning to try to write something up on battle tips for the game Immortalis from Aeria Mobile. If you haven't downloaded this free game, go grab it and use my invite code: o61oxH

The game's a little buggy, but it's still fun.

Chances are you're already playing. Chances are also pretty good some of this will be old news, but if you're new, this may help.

A big part of Immortalis are the guild battles. I'm writing this up, mainly because it's hard to exlain a lot of this stuff in the few characters you get on your guild forum.

Combos Are the Key to Immortalis Battles and Assists Win Battles

It's also important to note that the Assist Combo and a guild's rear guard are what win battles. I'm writing this while my guild Seraphic is fighting SAO. Four minutes in I give us the victory, not because we're ahead on GP, not because their vanguard is knocked down, but because our rear guard has taken a big lead in stringing together assists.

Assists can only be performed by the rear guard. They add some attack or defense to the vanguard units, earn a little GP and build up the benefit as they are chained together in a combo, so later in a battle when your rear guard has strung together a couple hundred assists in a combo, your van is in pretty good shape.

Ouch, SAO just broke their assist combo. Poor bastards...

Now is a good time to explain that combos can only be built by taking turns with your fellow guild members. If you get excited and do two in a row, bye bye combo! That's what just happened to the other guild in this battle. They're back to 9, but we're at 65, so even though their attack combo is in the 40s, they can't do any damage.

Another nice thing about assists is the higher the attack and defense of your current party, the stronger your assists and the more GP you get per assist. While the other guild spends 10 to get 1, you're spending 10 to get 100+ and if their van ever stands back up all those assists pile up to cause utter mayhem when your van attacks.

Finished the battle with an assist combo of 153 and our van was able to stand up, take a ton of fire with little damage and destroy the other van when they popped. Only thing we could've done better was to let their attack combo expire before popping, but they broke it themselves, so no worries...

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